Ways to Clean your Diamond

Diamonds have amazing sparkle and luster but unfortunately they love dirt just as much! The worst areas where dirt, lotion, oils and other hydrophobic materials pack up is underneath the diamond inside a setting. I thought it will be a good read for any diamond wearer to know what is the go to methods to cleaning these gems so the sparkle comes back! 

There are a few different ways that you can provide diamond care for your precious jewellery, in particular, there are different cleaning processes you can use to keep it looking as brilliant and sparkling as the day you brought it home from the jeweller!

While there are many cleaning procedures that can be done from your own home, don't forget that you can almost always return to the jeweller where you purchased your diamond and ask for a professional cleaning as most jewellers will have steam cleaners that is pretty effective to get the dirt out of the settings.

Sometimes cleanings are included in a warranty agreement, so check your paperwork to see if this form of diamond care is provided in your agreement.

Detergent Bath
The most commonly used method of diamond care is cleaning your diamond in a mild, warm water detergent bath.  Fill a bowl with warm water, and add in a mild detergent that you have in the house.  Some people use a dish detergent, while others will use a gentle bathroom cleaner.  Using a soft or used toothbrush or eyebrow brush, gently brush your diamond with the soapy water to loosen any dirt and oil that have found their way to your diamond. Focus on getting the brush hairs into the settings beneath the diamond and between the gallery of the settings , that usually makes the biggest difference!  Afterwards, rinse your diamond by placing it into a strainer (careful to select a strainer with holes smaller than your diamond!) and running it under warm water to remove all soap.  Never use chlorine bleach to clean your jewelry, the cleanser is much too harsh.



There are many cleaners on the market for diamond care.  Select one and follow it's instructions carefully for dipping your diamond into the cleanser.  Once you've dipped your jewelry into the cleanser, you don't want to touch the diamonds, because oils from your fingers can be easily transferred to your diamond due to their nature.  Allow it to dry completely and then wear or return to storage.

Cold Water Soak

Diamond care also includes a process called a “cold water soak”.  Fill a bowl with a solution of half cold water and half household ammonia.  Place your diamond into the cleanser and allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes.  When you take it out, tap the jewelry around the mounting brackets and then swish it around in your cold water solution again as a final rinsing.  You can set it out to dry on a piece of tissue paper.


Ultrasonic Cleansing

You can provide diamond care by purchasing an ultrasonic cleansing machine.  These machines have a little cup that you fill with water and cleanser, and a place to insert your jewellery.  Once you turn on the ultrasonic cleansing unit, it uses high speed motion to clean dirt and oils off your piece of jewellery. Remember that some enhanced or treated diamonds might not take to ultrasonic well so best to check that it's suitable prior to ultrasonic if you have such a diamond. 

Storing Diamonds

Another important consideration of diamond care is how to store your diamonds when you are not wearing them.  Diamonds are gemstones that can scratch other diamonds or other jewelry, so it is recommended that you never place them into a jewelry box or case with other pieces of  jewelry unless you individual wrap the diamonds with tissue paper.  The best way to properly provide diamond care and store your diamond however, is to place the jewelry piece into a fabric lined jewelry box, or a larger case that has individual dividers that are each lined with fabric to protect each piece of jewelry.  



David van Niekerk
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