We are ready for you Australia! Our company is proud to launch in Sydney our bespoke custom design services for not only diamond engagement rings and jewellery but all colour gemstone engagement ring designs to suit your personality and preferences. We are full manufacturers with workshops and stores in Australia and South Africa. I have extensive knowledge of jewellery and gems being in the industry my whole life, formal studies in Gemology and Jewellery wih the GAA, GIA and an qualified international appraiser with the Appraiser International Society. I have a love to help people and make any piece of high end jewellery something extraordinary special to them as every piece symbolizes a special moment in a person’s life. I am opening myself up to the public to book free meetings with me to discuss or explain anything jewellery or gemstone related and assist where I can. If you need help with where to start with an engagement ring, designs, birthstone ideas, quotes, anniversary ideas, valuations or education on a topic please book an online consultation. You will deal with me directly as I have the knowledge and experience to put you on the right track and help where needed.

What do you need more information about?

Design & custom Jewelley order or enquiry

Ok so you are thinking of making something special? For yourself , engagement ring maybe for someone or looking at some potential options or ideas to pass on to your better half to be? Well great! I have helped and designed close to 10 000 engagement rings alone and been there myself once, I know what is needed.

Most People usually and understandably need a lot of guidance and explanation of this jewellery world as it is daunting for them to buy engagement rings and big mistakes can happen if they don’t fully understand what they are doing. Please share this page with your other half so they can book a chat online with me or a call. I am more than happy just to give my inputs and guidance to help that they do the right thing regardless of where you are in the world or if you even need my services. I love to help and make sure every item a person has made or chooses is the best for them! Follow my Facebook public page via Masterpiece Jewellery where I put out daily content on jewellery education for everyone to help get the best out of this awesome industry wherever they are in the World!

My process is pretty straight forward- If you have designs or ideas fill out my form below with attachments and email it. Set up zoom call via my online calendar belowor come down to my shop next to the Sydney Opera House and we have a chat about it the next day! I do on request private consultations as an accredited jewellery professional in the CBD or Sydney surrounds in person, call me if this is your preferred option and I will come to you or your partner! If you don’t have a clue where to start and need an initial chat of your idea or need or just want a second opinion please book a 10minutes slot and I will make the time to help you personally.

Depending on what you need I usually do an initial design for you to look at and if you like what you see I do a follow up quote as per my manufacturing pricing. I am very confident our manufacturer pricing is very competitive in Africa and even more so in Australia since we keep prices similar our written quote is the final delivered price to you; so no surprise import charges and taxes. Depending on the custom order we usually require a 3-4 week timeframe to deliver, however every job is unique and I will always lay everything out beforehand and before committing anything, transparency is my thing.

It does not matter where in the World you are- book a chat and let me know roughly what information or questions you have and I will be there! Remember we work with a lot of international and interstate customers at Masterpiece so we are ready to serve and ship to anyone on earth and make their special idea come to life in jewellery! So pick a time and looking forward seeing you!

Remember Diamonds or colour gems classic, modern or Art Deco I have done them all and love designing new unique elegant pieces. I love it when I get to discuss new ideas or something special for someone and to help create an awe-inspiring piece for that person is what I live for!

Want to know more about Gems & Jewellery?

I have always enjoyed talking about gems and jewellery and educating the public on the subject. If you are unsure about a subject that is jewellery related or have a question feel free to contact me! I can be as simple as posting a question on my Facebook page or emailing me below. If it is more detailed and you prefer an online meeting please make a 10min booking and we have a quick chat.

Jewellery and gems are such a wide subject field and you get various degrees of depth in specialties in these subjects. I believe I can answer or discuss most areas on a general more knowledgeable level to cater for people in public to give the required information they need. Mostly to demystify and clarify thoughts or concerns around the subject.

I want to help and will give you my best inputs and at least put you on the right track! So feel free to comment on my Facebook page, email or book a quick call! 


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Valuations & Jewellery Consulting

As a Qualified Valuator my focus is on jewellery but can cover most movable assets. I have decided to continue my valuation services in Australia and make it as efficient and convenient as possible to customers locally and rural. To save time and potential money I suggest a 10 minute online meeting that you can book below to see what your needs are. Most valuations are to cover for insurance purposes but as with anything everyone has and could have very unique needs with regards to valuations. Professional valuators unlike lay practitioners can setup the scope of work and limitations to achieve the clients needs. This can include doing valuations online or via online meetings it all depends on the client or 3rd party needs e.g. insurer. For this reason I allow for a quick free consultation with prospective clients to identify their needs and plan a way forward to cater for them in the most convenient way possible.

So it is really as straight forward as booking an online meeting, calling or coming in store to get the process going. Every client, valuation or jewellery related consultation is unique therefore timeframe and costing will be quoted on prior to committing. Valuations can start at $20 and up depending on need.

My valuations services include but not limited to:

  • Insurance replacement
  • Market Value
  • Liquidation resell value
  • Divorce valuations
  • Estate valuations
  • Pre-purchase valuations
  • After-purchase valuations
  • Gift or donation valuations
  • Capital Gains/Taxation valuations
  • Identification appraisal
  • Expert Witness
  • Resell valuations
  • Hypothetical valuations
  • Pre and after modification valuations