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Gold plated silver 6x4mm bracelet wave cut out links

$630.00 AUD
SKU: 20092170


This dazzling gold plated silver bracelet exemplifies beauty. The wavecut links add an elegant sparkle, while the opals shimmer with a passionate red fire color. An effortless way to make a statement, get ready to turn heads!

One Yellow Gold plated Sterling Silver bracelet
7 Australian Opal Oval Multi colour oval triplets
Opal size: 6x4mm
Bezel set style
Length of bracelet = 19cm
Weight of bracelet = 5.89g
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Can I receive jewellery in a gift box?

Your Jewellery will be packed in a box or a pouch.

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Jewelry Care

Remove jewellery when you do gardening, working with hand-tools, playing sports or before sleep.
When not wearing your jewellery, store in a jewellery box, suede or velvet pouch. Storing each piece of jewellery separately will prevent scratches.
All jewellery items will experience normal wear and tear over time. We recommend your precious jewellery to be professionally inspected, cleaned and polished at least annually.


If you have a Solid Opal, clean occasionally with fresh water and facial soap.
Use a soft dry cloth to clean Opals.
All Doublets and Triplets (non-solid, composite Opal stones) Opals should not be soaked in water for any reason. Water penetration can cause the glue to deteriorate and the layers to separate, causing the opal to take on a foggy, grey, or cloudy appearance.

  • Do not wash dishes, clothes or other items with it on. The harsh detergents in dish or laundry soaps can "dry" out the stone. Opals are composed 3%–20% of water, so they should not be allowed to freeze or dry out.
  • Do not wear opals in any type of hot tub, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, bath tub or shower. Exposure to prolong submersion in any water with or without detergents or chemicals will destroy opals.
  • Do not clean your opal jewellery with ultrasonic device.
  • Do not garden with it on. Continuous contact with the soil can abrade the surface of your stone.
  • Do not store and mix your Opal together with other jewellery- store them individually in seperate containers or pouches.
  • Opals are softer gemstones, rating about 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Try to avoid wearing opal jewelry during activities where the stones could be knocked or damaged.

  • As opal jewelry is better suited to occasional rather than daily wear, ensure to remove your opal pieces after your special event and before carrying out chores, exercising, swimming, or any other activities that might expose the opal to harsh chemicals or extreme conditions.

  • It's also wise to put your opal jewelry on after you've finished applying makeup, lotion, perfume, or hairspray to avoid any potential damage from these substances.


Leaving pearls in a jewellery box for long periods may cause pearls to dehydrate, so enjoy them frequently. There is a saying that "pearls want to be worn".

  • Pearls are organic gemstones that are vulnerable to acid, alkaline and extremes of humidity. If pearls come into contact with substances such as vinegar, fruit juices or detergents, immediately wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  • Never expose your pearl to hair sprays, cosmetics or perfumes. Pearls do no take well to the application of these products. We suggest you wear your pearl jewellery after applying make-up and styling hair.
  • Don’t wear your pearls in the bath or in the shower and while playing sports as water can weaken the silk thread. It's also best to avoid direct sunlight or high temperatures such as in a sauna.
As the pearls are very delicate, they should only be cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol diluted with warm water or in a weak solution of soapy water.
As most pearls in Australia are strung on silk thread, great care should be taken during any cleaning process.
  • Don’t use vinegar, ammonia, any chlorine products or lemon juice or other acidic compound when your clean your pearl.
  • Ultrasonic cleanser should never be used with pearl jewellery as it can damage the pearls.
  • Always take care when mixing your pearls with other hard gemstones, gold or silver jewellery. We recommend to keep your pearls separately in silk or cotton bag.

To prevent tangles and scratches, fasten clasps and pins, then lay each item out separately in a jewellery box. When carrying jewellery, use a protective jewellery pouch.

The pearl's luster can also be harmed by perspiration. To prevent this, before returning your pearls to the jewellery box, wipe them gently with a soft cloth.
Strands should be strung with a knot between each pearl. This will prevent loss if the string breaks and pearls from rubbing against each other.
If string stretches or loosens, it may break suddenly. All pearl necklaces and bracelets can show wear and tear after extensively being worn. Even if you don't wear your pearls often, we recommend that you have your pearls restrung every year.


Avoid chlorine, bleach and other household chemicals. They can strip the Rhodium plating and will damage the Gold.
All Yellow and Rose Gold jewellery requires some care to make them look shiny. Clean the item occasionally, using jewellery cleaner, rinse in warm water and then polish with a polishing cloth (available from Masterpiece Jewellery) to remove skin's oils, cosmetics and other chemicals.

All White Gold jewellery is plated with Rhodium and they will naturally wear over time, depending on the frequency of wear. You can ask your local jeweller to get them to be rhodium plated. Your jewellery will look brand new again.


Clean silver jewellery with a polishing cloth or fine piece of felt. We suggest an anti-tarnish silver cloth. These cloths are available from most jewellers, supermarkets and department stores.
Store your silver jewellery in a cool, dry, dark place, wrap individually in a plastic bag, a soft piece of felt or cloth.

Avoid the followings.

  • rubbing silver with tissue paper or paper towels, it could cause scratching
  • being in contact with perfume, soap or hairspray
  • being exposed to salt water or chlorine in swimming pools
  • being in contact with perspiration
  • leaving silver unprotected in air, it may cause the silver to lose its shine quickly


When it comes to preserving the brilliance of your Rhdoium and gold plated pieces, meticulous attention is key. These items may not be fine quality jewellery, but with the right care, they can maintain their lustre for a significant period of time.

Always make your jewellery the final touch to your outfit and the first to be removed at the end of your day. This protects the plating from being subjected to substances that may cause early tarnishing, like makeup or perfume.

It's crucial to remove your jewellery before any activity involving water or chemicals. This includes hand washing, showering, swimming, and applying hand creams, perfumes, and makeup. These substances can tarnish and degrade the plating over time.

Understandably, your jewellery will experience wear and tear over time. However, you can prolong its life significantly by wearing it appropriately. Dress pieces such as gold plated and rhodium plated items should be worn on special occasions rather than daily. Frequent contact with abrasive surfaces or materials can cause the plating to wear off quickly.

Treat your jewellery with kindness. Sterling silver is relatively soft and can be easily damaged with harsh handling. Avoid bending earring posts, applying excess pressure or straining the delicate hinges on a locket.

Protect your jewellery from humidity and sunlight. Exposure to these conditions can speed up tarnishing. Store your jewellery in a pouch or a zip lock bag, particularly when storing for long periods.

Clean your jewellery with a special jewellery cleaning cloth designed for fashion or silver jewellery. Avoid any aggressive cleaning agents, such as dish soap or silver cleaners, which can damage the surface of your jewellery.



Non-Flexible Omega chains should be worn carefully as they may misshape through impact, pressure or pulling. This damage usually cannot be repaired.
Omega chain must be removed before sleep, bathing or any other physical activity.

Each piece should be laid flat and stored separately from other jewellery to avoid distortion.

Follow these care instructions diligently to maintain your warranty. Remember that any disregard of these instructions may void your warranty.Remember, taking care of your jewellery isn't just about preserving its appearance - it's about maintaining its value and sentimentality. We hope that with this guide, you're able to keep your Gold, Platinum or silver pieces gleaming for years to come.


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